Hurricane Harvey Emergency Power Restoration

Type: Emergency Restoration
Scope: Performed emergency power restoration services throughout the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
Location: Gulf Coast, USA

Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 storm which made landfall on the United States Gulf Coast in August 2017. The storm caused substantial damage including electricity outages resulting from high winds and significant flooding.

At its peak, forced outages displaced more than 10,000 MW of electricity generating capacity within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas grid including six major 345kV transmission lines and more than two hundred 69 kV–138 kV lines. As Harvey made landfall, caravans of Irby specialist personnel and equipment were mobilized so the power restoration process could begin as soon as the rain and winds subsided.

Alongside many fellow Quanta Services companies, Irby teams logged 114,000 manhours restoring power to impacted communities.

Start Date: August 2017
Completion Date: October 2017