West Texas Substation Upgrade Project

Type: Substation
Scope: Performed a series of upgrade projects for four major 345kV transmission substations. 
Location: Westcentral, Texas
Client: NextEra Lonestar Transmission

Lone Star Transmission, LLC (“Lone Star”) provides transmission services to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (>25 million customers) primarily via renewable wind energy resources from rural west Texas.

Commencing in July 2018, Lone Star contracted Irby to perform a series of upgrade projects to its four major 345kV transmission substations (Novaro, Sam, West Shackelford, and Claytonville). The project scope included the retrofit 120 Motorized Air-Breaks on existing hand-operated 345kV switches and extensive coordination was required to meet the outage/swap out schedule. Completed in October 2018, the project was delivered to specification with zero lost time incidents.

Start Date: July 2018
Completion Date: October 2018


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