Manatee Battery Energy Storage Center

Type: Substation, Renewable
Scope: Construct a new battery energy storage center
Location: Manatee County, FL​
Client: Florida Power & Light

Irby was awarded the construction of the Florida Light & Power (FPL) Manatee Battery Energy Storage Center (BESS) in August of 2020. The BESS and substation consist of 132 new battery line-ups (battery containers and integrated inverter/pad-mount transformer skids), connected to a new 230/34.5 kV substation. The substation consists of 44 feeder breakers, each connected to three battery line-ups; four bus-tie breakers; six transmission breakers; two charging feeder breakers; three GSUs; and associated other equipment, bus, cables, conduit, grounding, foundations, etc.

This 409MW/900MWh energy storage center, the equivalent of 100 million iPhone batteries, will be the world’s largest solar-powered battery. The project will accelerate the retirement of fossil fuel generation, saving FPL customers more than $100 million while eliminating more than 1 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. 

“Irby has worked with FPL for over 20 years. However, this is the first project of this kind together and unique in scope,” said Andre Foster, Vice President of Business Development and Major Projects. “Irby looks forward to completing this special project with a long-standing partner like FPL.” 

Start Date: September 2020
Completion Date: In Progress/Scheduled December 2021 


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