Irby Equipment

Irby has established a strict set of standards regarding equipment design, use and maintenance. These standards promote safety efficiency, effectiveness and production.

Irby Construction Company’s vast equipment fleet does the job in drifting Rocky Mountain snows or blistering desert heat, in sub-zero Alaskan tundra, sweltering Southern swamps and Western deserts, and in challenging off-continent projects in locations such as Liberia, South Africa, Indonesia and Belize.

In order to keep our equipment in top working condition and to ensure their maximum working life, they must be serviced on a regular schedule. Through a state-of-the-art equipment management system, each unit is set up with appropriate GPS metering equipment where use, speed, location, maintenance and DOT inspections can be tracked, reported and managed.


With a state-of-the-art equipment operations facility located at our corporate headquarters and through equipment purchases, leasing, training and preventative maintenance programs, Irby strives for the most efficient and productive use of equipment. This commitment helps us meet the ever-changing needs of our customers by supplying the most versatile and cost-effective equipment fleet in the industry.

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