Pongsona Emergency Power Restoration

Type: Emergency Restoration
Scope: Performed post-typhoon emergency power restoration services throughout Guam.
Location: Pongsona, Guam

Super Typhoon Pongsona hit the U.S. Territory of Guam on December 8, 2002, with winds blowing an estimated 202-240 MPH. The storm battered the island for over 12 hours causing significant infrastructure damage. The Guam Power Authority reported more than 700 broken concrete poles.

In addition to total power loss on the island, water service was discontinued, and fuel storage systems were decimated by fire. The restoration process was impaired by these challenges yet, 60% of power had been restored within a month of the storm’s landfall.

Guam Homeland Security and the Office of Civil Defense activated call out emergency restoration with Irby who deployed specialist personnel and equipment at notice.

Irby located and loaded a large cargo plane with bucket trucks, transformers, and other equipment. The plane and 35 Irby crew members left on the 7,520- mile journey Christmas Eve.

Irby’s work on site included restoring power to Navy and Air Force facilities for Kellogg Brown & Root Services in conjunction with Systems Energy and Technology, an island contractor.

Irby crews remained on the island through the New Year until the project was complete and power was fully restored.

Start Date: December 2002
Completion Date: February 2003