FPL EVolution HUB

Type: Substation and Renewable
Scope: Construct a Microgrid Grid
(Solar Farm, BESS, and EV Charging Stations)
Location: Riviera Beach, Florida
Client: Florida Power & Light

Irby was awarded the construction of the Florida Power and Light (FPL) EVolution Hub project in August 2021. This innovative microgrid (energy storage project) comprises a 5-MW solar array and a 7.5-MW by 15-MWh stationary battery, as well as two mobile EV trailers. The two, 28-foot mobile EV charging stations, built by our affiliate company Brink Construction, will be able to provide clean energy on the go. The mobile EV trailers will each carry a fully charged battery. The EV chargers will be stationed at FPL’s West Palm Beach service facility, where EV fleet drivers can charge their vehicles. EV charging trailers will help during public emergencies or in evacuation situations, such as hurricanes.

The project will enable FPL to test the design and benefits of movable EV charging stations and gain further insight into microgrid technology.

Irby’s full scope of construction includes site civil and access work, complete solar farm installation incorporating foundations, modules, racking, collection systems, conduit installation, and commissioning of all components of the microgrid. Working with FPL Construction managers, Irby will complete this project by mid-year 2022.

Start Date: August 2021
Scheduled Completion: March 2022


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