Northeast 138kV Substation Upgrade Project

Type: Substation
Performed the demolition and reconstruction of a 138kV substation.
Location: Oolagah, Oklahoma
Client: American Electric Power Oklahoma Transmission Company

American Electric Power Oklahoma Transmission Company (“AEPOT”) (a subsidiary of American Electric Power), contracted Irby in November 2017 to demolish and reconstruct the 22 breaker 138kV Northeastern substation near Oolagah, Oklahoma. The project scope included the installation of two new 138kV bays, the transfer of existing lines, and demolition of the existing substation to phased AEPOT outage cadence. The Northeastern substation provides essential power to the Tulsa metropolitan area and all outages were executed to AEPOT schedule and with zero lost-time incidents.

Start Date: November 2017
Completion Date: November 2019


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