Gillespie Substation Upgrade Project

Type: Substation
Scope: Performed a 138kV/145kV substation upgrade project.
Location: Fredericksburg, Texas
Client: Lower Colorado River Authority

In March 2018, the Lower Colorado River Authority (“LCRA”) contracted Irby to perform a 138kV/145kV substation breaker replacement at the Gillespie substation near Fredericksburg, Texas. The Irby scope included replacement of six 138kV oil-filled circuit breakers with new 145kV breakers, and the installation of new control cable and junction boxes at each breaker stand. 

Throughout the project, Irby was able to display its craftsmanship specifically pertaining to aluminum bus work, bending and termination, as well as control cable installation and termination. Executed to LCRA schedule and budget, the project was successfully delivered in April 2018. 

Start Date: March 2018
Completion Date: April 2018


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