Gray-Allen Creek 345kV Transmission Line Construction Project

Type: Renewables, Transmission
Scope: Constructed 25 miles of 345kV transmission line in support of a North Texas wind project.
Location: Pampa, Texas

Client: Cross Texas Transmission

Founded in 2008, Cross Texas Transmission (“CTT”) is a regulated transmission service provider providing energy to wholesale markets across Texas. The bulk of CTT’s capacity derives from its owned and operated network of transmission lines (>320 miles) which delivers wind power from the Texas Panhandle to its customers.

In January 2016, CTT contracted Irby to incorporate power from the Salt Fork Wind project in Gray and Donley Counties by constructing 25 miles of 345kV transmission line. The Irby work scope included the installation of steel structures, foundations, and wire operations. Irby was assisted by Aldridge Construction (direct embed drilling and structure setting), Winco Powerline (lead-in installation and diverters), and B&M Telecom (Fiber splicing). Both Irby and Winco Powerline are Quanta Services subsidiary companies (PWR:NYSE).

The project was completed in August 2016 to schedule and with zero lost-time incidents.

To learn more about this project watch this video.

Start Date: January 2016
Completion Date: August 2016


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