Where Irby is at Work

At any given time, Irby crews are on the job at various sites across the country. The map above shows the concentration of our work by location and year. The color scale on the map above gets “warmer” from left to right to indicate where more projects are in progress. This includes electric power transmission, distribution, and substation projects of various scope and size. Irby partners with select clients on a service contract basis and others on a per-project basis to build and maintain electric power infrastructure.


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318 Old Highway 49 South
Richland, Mississippi 39218-9449

Phone: 601-709-4729
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Irby Construction Company
Irby Construction Company
Hitting the pavement from dawn ‘til dusk, Oscar Cervantes and Chandler Valenzuela are part of an Irby crew that worked around the clock to restore power for Imperial Irrigation District customers in Southern California.

A powerful windstorm took down 68 power poles on August 10 in the Winterhaven and Bard areas. For more information and photos, go to: https://www.iid.com/Home/Components/News/News/1022/793

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Irby Construction Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR).