Gray to Allen Creek 345kV Transmission Line

Type: Transmission
Scope: 24 miles of 345kV
Location: Pampa, TX

Client: Cross Texas Transmission (CTT)

Irby Construction was awarded the CTT Gray to Allen Creek Transmission Line project in January of 2016. The scope consisted of constructing approximately 25 miles of single circuit 345kV transmission line. This required the installation of double bundled conductors, one static and one OPGW accompanied by all necessary insulating hardware and spacing. CTT built this line to integrate additional wind energy resources from the Salt Fork Wind project in Gray and Donley Counties.

The conductor is supported by mostly single pole weathered steel structures mounted onto drilled piers or direct embedded into concrete backfill. The requirements of the project included assembly of an experienced construction administration team, comprehensive quality control planning, managed material inventory and control program, earthwork, erosion control with monitoring, protection of critical habitats of endangered species, and precise project execution.

Several subcontractors played an important role in making the Gray to Allen Creek project a success. Aldridge Construction, Inc. performed the direct embed drilling and setting bases of the structures. Winco, Inc. assisted with wire operations by installing leadline and bird diverters, and B&M Telecom, Inc. performed fiber splicing for this project.

To learn more about this project watch this video.

Start Date: January 2016
Completion Date: August 2016


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