T-Line Work in Bastrop, Texas

Nov 7, 2022

Just off of Lovers Lane, not far from the Colorado River in Bastrop, Texas, you’ll find one of Bo Barfield’s crews working on job #3042. This transmission job involves upgrading wood poles to steel structures for the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), an Irby customer for more than 17 years.

Specifically, Irby is taking down and rebuilding T-410 from Bastrop West to Structure 27 as well as T-648 from Tahitian Village to Structure 27, with Legend Foundation Services installing foundations on T-410 and T-648 from Sim Gideon to Structure 27. There are 4.4 miles of double circuit and 3.1 miles of single circuit.


On this particular day in mid-October, Foreman Glenn Gagne and his four-man crew were installing a guard structure before pulling in new conductor. As always, this crew hit the ground with one thing in mind…getting the job done safely. They went through their pre-job checklist like clockwork from inspecting the equipment, meeting for the job briefing, and setting the safety parameters for the drop zone to rigging, hoisting, and attaching the cross arm.

This team works like a well-oiled machine making Irby proud. Great job, guys! Thank you to all Irby crews out there for working hard and staying safe!