Quanta Commitment Coin Recipient: Nicole Sparks

Jul 20, 2023

Nicole Sparks, Irby Office Manager, noticed something strange upon her arrival at the Claremore, Oklahoma office early one morning.

As she was backing into her parking spot, she saw what appeared to be a small fire under a van parked across the street. No one accompanied the vehicle or was in the area at the time. She secured her belongings and went toward the van to verify what exactly she  was seeing. Once she realized that there was some sort of electrical fire happening under the engine and near the front passenger side tire, she quickly retrieved a fire extinguisher and was able to put out the fire without further damage to the vehicle.

The Quanta Commitment Coin is only given to those employees who go above and beyond while on the job. Quanta and Irby are honored to present this award to Nicole, and we thank her for her swift action in what could have been a very hazardous situation.

Luke Naron, Irby Regional Safety Manager, presenting Nicole Sparks with the Quanta Commitment Coin.