Irby Receives Entergy Premier Vendor Award

May 9, 2023

On May 8 at a ceremony in New Orleans, Irby was honored by Entergy with a Premier Vendor Award in the area of Innovation and Continuous Improvement for significantly improving processes in the area of safety excellence with its Lineman Calculator.

The Lineman Calculator is an iOS application that takes the most commonly used equations by linemen and simplifies the inputs required thereby increasing reliability and reducing the chance for errors.

“It is no secret that linework calculations can be tricky, and when performed manually, like they have been for many years, a seemingly minor mistake can have serious ramifications,” said Jason Stewart, Irby’s VP of Safety. “With the app, our linemen can quickly and confidently fill in equation data points for the most complex calculations, all while continuing to work safely and efficiently.”

According to Entergy, the Premier Vendor Program recognizes and promotes extraordinary vendor performance. In seeking and sharing best practices, award winners have a profound and direct impact on improving the safety and reliability of the utility industry.

“We are honored to have been chosen and recognized once again by Entergy as a premier vendor,” said Jason Clayton, President of Irby. “Entergy has been an Irby customer for more than 30 years. Being aligned with our customer’s business objectives, bringing continued value, meeting expectations, and providing services safely are imperative. This award is testament of that. I am extremely proud of our technology, safety, and operations teams for creating the calculator app, and for their commitment to safety and continuous drive for improvement.

Click HERE to watch a video that highlights the Lineman Calculator and Entergy Premier Vendor Award.

From left to right: Jason Stewart, VP of Safety; Mike Kelley, Regional Safety Director; and Brad Davis, VP of Operations.

Brad Davis (right) receiving the award.