In a recent article, T&D World Magazine featured Hawaiian Electric Company and their sister companies, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light for their work together to improve the two-way flow of energy from customer-sited generation. Together the companies serve approximately 80,000 privately-owned rooftop solar generation systems.

The Hawaiian Electric grid modernization renewable portfolio standard is the most ambitious clean energy goal in the U.S. The companies believe working together will be essential to reaching the state’s goal of transitioning to 100% renewable resources for power generation by 2045. They have become adept at identifying cost-effective alternatives to infrastructure upgrades and encouraging customer-sited solar power. They’ve also changed the way voltage is managed and overcome challenges unique to their system.

What’s most exciting as they’re on their well on their way to achieving this audacious goal. Regulators approved implementation of the first phase early this year. The plan is called “Modernizing Hawaii’s Grid for Our Customers.” Learn more by reading the full story here.