Florida’s Grid-Hardening Investments

Nov 29, 2022

An article written by the Daily Energy Insider dives into Florida’s strategic investments towards electric utility hardening.

With recent costly US storms like Hurricane Ida and Hurricane Sandy, the state of Florida has come to recognize that long-term hardening investments are integral to maintaining the grid, and facilitating the quickest possible return to normalcy after a storm.

In fact, Frank Walker, executive vice president of government and political relations at the Florida Chamber of Commerce, told the Energy Insider that “Florida’s grid stood strong and rebounded quickly from historic weather-related disruptions this season in part because of long-term investments made in hardening efforts.”

Florida Power and Light (FPL), the largest electric utility provider in the state, services around 12 million Floridians. Irby Construction is proud to contract with FPL on various hardening projects all over Florida. From underground, to pole-hardening, and substation preparation work, Irby crews are engaged on FPL hardening projects across the state. 

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