Battery Storage Installations will Soar in 2022 and Beyond.

Dec 28, 2021

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal reports that companies like Irby are poised to install record amounts of battery storage in the coming year, citing government mandates and declining costs as reasons for significant growth in power storage.

“The U.S., which had less than a gigawatt of large battery installations in 2020—roughly enough to power 350,000 homes for a handful of hours—is on pace to add six gigawatts this year and another nine gigawatts in 2022, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence,” Jennifer Hiller and Katherine Blunt report for the Wall Street Journal. 

California is driving much of the U.S. battery market’s expansion as it races to comply with a 2018 law that requires decarbonization of its power grid by 2045. Other states also have storage mandates or targets, including New York, Virginia and Nevada, according to the U.S. Energy Storage Association.

The story says that Goldman Sachs expects the U.S. market for stationary batteries to grow from about $1 billion in 2020 to $13 billion to $14 billion by 2030.

Read the complete WSJ article here.

Irby Construction is “leading the charge” in battery storage having completed construction of the Manatee BESS earlier this month. Manatee is currently the world’s largest battery energy storage center. Read more about Manatee and see related news coverage here. 

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