Third Thursdays at Irby Construction Company

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Stories, Irby News

Irby Construction hosts a company cookout at our headquarters in Richland, MS, on the third Thursday of each month. From Mcbride’s famous chili, to deep fried catfish in the summer, employees enjoy congregating for no other reason than appreciation for one another and most importantly, Irby. The luncheon has a laid back, friendly environment where new employees are introduced and encouraged to say a few words about themselves. Any other important events happening that month, such as birthdays, are recognized as well.

The month of December called for a more special and personal “cookout.” Irby hosted a service luncheon in lieu of the monthly cookout, where turkey, dressing, green beans and more, were served by helping hands from the HR Department. Throughout the luncheon, Irby President Lee Jones congratulated 20 employees for their time with the company, ranging from five to 45 years.

January’s cookout was also a little out of the ordinary. An unexpected downpour caused the monthly event to be relocated from the outdoor pavilion to the training room. Trace Grill catered with mouthwatering cheeseburgers along with several sides and fixings that hit the spot. As it turns out, a good burger is just what it takes to cure the rainy day blues.

During the month of February, the team enjoyed a fresh batch catfish fried up by Mr. Bill Joy. For the past 15 years, Mr. Joy has been a faithful Irby employee as an equipment compliance worker.

At Irby, we cherish every third Thursday for the food, camaraderie, and recognition it brings.

third thursday
third thursday
third thursday