The Current Flashes Showcases Irby Pride and History

Nov 2, 2023

Did you know that Irby’s Current Flashes employee magazine is over 60 years young? Having debuted in 1962, it is 61 years old this year. The Current Flashes has deep roots in Irby’s rich history and culture.

This anthology is an archive of the company’s jobs, crews, locations, partnerships, and customers over the years. From California to Florida, our crews are proud to showcase their work in each issue of the Current Flashes.

One of Current Flashes‘ biggest fans is Bennett Johnson in Oklahoma. He has collected every issue since he got hired on and is more excited about receiving each issue than a kid at Christmas! Thank you, Bennett, for showing such great pride in your work and the company! 

Randy Berry, Vice President of Operations, is also a Current Flashes enthusiast. He is our resident historian, having collected issues dating back to the second issue ever published. He is still on the hunt for the very first issue.

Next time you pick up a copy of the Current Flashes, just know that you are holding Irby pride in jobs well done and a piece of Irby history in your hands.

The focus of Irby’s publications is to tell your stories. Should you have information or photos you would like to be considered for publication in the Current Flashes, the Irby Insider, or on social media, please email [email protected]