T&D World Article: Harahan-Avondale Feature

Jan 6, 2023

Irby Construction Company is proud to have been featured in T&D World Magazine’s recent article, “One Year Rebuild of a River Crossing,” highlighting the Harahan-Avondale Mississippi River Crossing project in response to the devastation of Hurricane Ida.

Irby Construction was able to contract with Entergy New Orleans to build new, improved, and reliable structures for this complex river crossing in order to restore power to the people of Louisiana. The article is quoted as saying, “…when faced with rebuilding a critical piece of infrastructure after a natural disaster, the foremost goal should be focused on what can be built safely into the new solution to preclude the infrastructure from ever failing again in a similar scenario.”

To learn more about the Harahan-Avondale project and Irby’s role, click HERE.

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