Irby’s Jeff Pittman Receives Quanta Award Recognition

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Stories, Irby News, Irby People

Each year, Quanta challenges its employees and all operating units to apply for the CEO Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award. This award brings recognition to the spirit of the individual(s) and operating unit(s) that foster the successful implementation of innovative thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Irby Construction’s Jeff Pittman was honored in the top 10 of the 2016 submittals considered for the Award. Jeff is a utility construction worker who created a line of field applied attachment points for equipotential grounding work in the high-voltage industry referred to as the “Specialized Tool to assist with Equipotential Grounding.” Due to the high risk of electrocution when working around live equipment, it is important to ensure that all nearby surfaces are at the same potential or voltage. Jeff’s invention consists of a means by which high reliability and low resistance grounding connections can be provided for equipotential grounding used in high voltage work.

This safety-enhancing tool is sturdy and durable, and it can be used in equipotential grounding and bonding for high voltage work. It also provides enhanced grounding ability when performing maintenance or repair work around high voltage lines in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

“I guess you could say that one could never predict the outcome unless you put forth the effort and try,” Pittman said. “It’s like playing the lottery-you can’t win unless you enter the drawing.”

Congratulations Jeff, on your admirable commitment to safety and your Quanta-recognized invention.