Infrastructure Projects Lobbying for Space in Trumps Plan

by | May 12, 2017 | Stories, Industry News

Marketplace® has teamed with American Public Media Reports to track proposed infrastructure projects around the country as President Trump prepares his $1 trillion plan. The first in a series of stories resulting from the partnership was released May 11, 2017, at

According to the story,  Trump’s team has been soliciting requests from across the country, over the past five months. APM has collected a list of more than 500 project requests covering 50 states from governors, consultants, contractors, unions, and advisers through public record requests and interviews.

Advisors to the president are estimating a project’s value based on criteria such as whether it includes private financing; how many jobs it would create; and if construction would go faster if the president cleared regulations, speeding up permitting approvals. Among the many project types under consideration are transmission electricity lines in the Midwest, and a major gas pipeline in Alaska.

Infrastructure consultants are advising investors on terminology and methodology for getting noticed when lobbying to be included in the final plan.

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