People of Irby: Executive VP Operations, Rick Shouse

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Stories, Irby News


On Friday, October 19, Irby rolled out the tenth video in its series featuring the “People of Irby.” In this clip, Rick Shouse, Irby Executive Vice President of Operations mentions how great the opportunity is right now in their industry to join Irby, learn their safety culture, and kick-start a great career.

Rick has worked within Irby for 38 years and touches on how the company has such a loyal base of people that enjoy what they do and proud to have a path for everyone. Check out the full story to hear about how the Irby has created an environment that is rewarding to work for.

Film crews visited Irby job sites from Texas to Florida, and a couple spots in between, to interview team members and gather footage of crews at work. Rick’s spotlight video is the tenth in a series of videos Irby is rolling out in 2018. Follow Irby on Facebook and YouTube for updates and watch the company website for more to come.

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