PBS Airing WIRES Video

by | Oct 1, 2018 | Stories, Industry News

PBS Stations are airing a WIRES video titled “Spotlight On: The Electric Transmission Grid.” The video will air through the end of the year and offers an introduction to the importance of investment in the grid and how it impacts our standard of living. The content features Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) and WIRES Executive Director and Counsel Jim Hoecker who emphasizes the importance of a sense urgency among policy-makers, regulators, and investors to meet future power demand. Take a look at the video here. 

WIRES, a non-profit trade association with an international membership, promotes investment in the North American electric transmission system, robust and effective transmission solutions to economic, environmental, and reliability challenges, and the reduction or elimination of uneconomic barriers to transmission development. This mission is accomplished through the development and dissemination of information, strategic advocacy, and innovation in regulatory, policy making, industry, and educational forums.