Irby Wins Quanta Innovation Award

Mar 9, 2023

Quanta Services, Irby’s parent company, recently selected Irby as a winner for its annual CEO Innovation & Entrepreneurial Award, which showcases the brightest ideas and business innovations/systems throughout its organization.

Irby was selected for its development of a Lineman Calculator, which is a collaborative effort between Irby’s technology, safety, and operations teams. The calculator is an iOS application that takes the most commonly used equations by our linemen and simplifies them.

By simply inputting the requested data, Irby’s linemen can quickly compute the answer to complex calculations at their fingertips. It’s as easy as answering the questions and filling in the blanks.

In addition to the calculator, training materials have been updated by Irby’s safety team to explain the calculator inputs. Irby is currently working to determine the best way to implement this important tool.

Congratulations to the Irby team for this significant recognition and on this huge accomplishment and innovation that will benefit Irby, other Quanta companies, and the industry for years to come.