by | Apr 13, 2018 | Stories, Irby News

Irby Construction Company is most known for building long line electric transmission projects, substations, and distribution systems. What many in the industry might not be aware of is that Irby’s scope of services also includes outdoor lighting.

“Lighting is a natural extension of our primary electric power services because the process of installing poles for lighting systems is not entirely unlike installing electric power infrastructure. Some of the equipment is the same for example, bucket trucks. And of course, we know our way around electricity.” Said, Tim Henry, Vice President of Operations.

Since the company began building transmission lines in 1917, Irby has intentionally expanded its services based on natural extensions like lighting as well as industry innovations for example wind power.

“Innovation is an important part of growing business and something we’ve always been good at in the field and the corporate office. We work to innovate and adopt early. Being on that leading edge is how we become experts,” Explains, Andre Foster, Executive Director of Business Development.

Irby crews not only maintain but also install outdoor lighting in an efficient and timely manner. Irby crews repair, install and upgrade lighting systems. Providing labor, materials, equipment, and supervision, Irby is prepared to answer the call and exceed client expectations for cost-effective, efficient, and safe service. Irby lighting projects include stadiums, roadways, large manufacturing facilities,