Irby Assists with Hurricane Laura

Sep 16, 2020

​Hurricane Laura made a Category 4 landfall on August 27, 2020 near Cameron, Louisiana. Deadly and destructive, Laura tied with the 1856 Last Island Hurricane as the state’s strongest landfall on record, causing billions of dollars of damage along the way, including some deaths.

Irby crews were in Louisiana before the storm hit so that they could be readily available to get the lights back on when the storm passed. Under the company’s storm contract with Entergy, 430 Irby linemen began restoration efforts performing transmission, distribution, and substation services throughout Louisiana and Texas.

Working 16 hours a day, seven days a week while living in “man camps,” linemen are the true heroes of storm restoration. With the help of subcontractors like Irby is bringing power back to towns like Lake Charles, Louisiana, where over 6,000 people were left without power due to the hurricane.

As always, safety is the most important part of any job that Irby participates in, and Irby crews will continue to work safely in the affected areas until the power is restored.