Irby Aids in Hurricane Idalia Storm Restoration

Sep 5, 2023

When a major storm is heading toward landfall and most people are evacuating, Irby crews move in instead. Following storm outages, our top priority is to bring residents a sense of normalcy by safely restoring power as quickly as possible. Hurricane Idalia was no different, and in the wake of the storm, Irby deployed over 520 crew members across Florida to perform storm restoration work. These crews included line workers, supervisors, mechanics, safety coordinators, and storm damage assessors who performed transmission, distribution, logistics, and storm damage assessment work. In addition to this, Irby also provided various types of equipment and assisted with mobilizing the Quanta Mobile Command Center to a staged area in Perry, Florida. Project managers and supervisors from several organizations utilized the command center to conduct storm restoration operations.

Less than a week after Hurricane Idalia made landfall, Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, announced that 96% of power had been restored. He went on to praise the thousands of brave linemen by saying “…restoring power to the homes and businesses of impacted Floridians is an important step in the recovery process and would not be possible without the hard work of our utility linemen.” Irby is proud to have assisted our customers, the residents of Florida, and our fellow line workers in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia.

Read more about Florida’s speedy restoration efforts at the link HERE.