Distribution Work— Entergy Bozeman Job

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Distribution, Stories, Irby News, Irby Projects

Electrical Distribution line construction was a mainstay of Irby’s early years. The company has constructed over 150,000 miles of distribution and low-voltage transmission lines.

In 2016, after taking the job as President, Lee Jones developed a plan to increase our distribution to support our efforts in Minnesota, California, Florida, and increase the company’s local presence in Mississippi. Since then Irby has hired a reputable management team to lead this initiative as well as top quality distribution crews.

Irby is proud to have recently been awarded the Entergy Bozeman Road project. This project consists of adding three new circuits on existing poles coming out of the existing Bozeman Road Substation in Madison, MS. This is a total of 6.6 miles of line.

We have also had the opportunity to do storm work for Entergy on a regular basis since launching the Bozeman Road Project.

The company’s  goal going forward is to continue to SAFELY grow at home in Mississippi and in other areas across the United States to become one of the largest and best distribution contractors in various regions.

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