Irby Family Comings and Going

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Stories, Irby News

In the last several months Irby Construction Company has offered a fond farewell to several of the company’s most tenured team members due to retirement.

Pete Tomlinson began working for Irby Construction the day after his 18th birthday and served the company ever since. Pete started working in the field and retired 46 years later as Director of Operations.

Charles Gatewood’s story is quite similar. After 50 years at Irby, Charles retired as Senior Vice President. Superintendent Gary Thornton has retired after more than 40 years on the team. Jenner Collins, Director of IT has retired after 20 years with Irby.

Last but not least, CFO, Bob Croft is turning over the reins to the financial side of things after working with us for 25 years. Mr. Croft will be serving as Executive Advisor over the next few months.

“The tenure of our team is a testament to the fact that people love working at Irby and that opportunity is here to rise up the ladder,” said (Greg Berry, Director of Recruiting and Special Projects). We’re hiring linemen right now. Who knows? Maybe one of the new folks will have a story like Charles or Pete.”

To learn more about openings at Irby, visit our careers page or contact Greg Berry.