National Lineman Appreciation Day

On April 18th we honored the hard work, innovation, grit and dedication of electrical lineworkers. They are a brotherhood and a family. Essential to the work we do, they are always appreciated!


Thank a LinemanHistory


The story of the linemen that built out our nation’s electric power system is a tough one. They faced terrible weather, endured long hours and worked around the dangers of energized powerlines. They didn’t have the safety and efficiencies modern technologies and equipment provide. The original builders or our power system have been called the “unsung heroes” of the country’s progress. These men, were also Irby linemen. Since the birth of our industry Irby linemen have been “going the extra mile” and taking power to new places.


Hot Sticking began


Barehanding began


Rubber Gloving started


Irby Family of Linemen

The Irby Linemen of today are the core of the Irby family. In some cases, they are family. Cousins or brothers, if not by name, they are bound by the brotherhood of their work and their mission to keep each other safe. They begin each day with a commitment to go home safe each night. Nonetheless, the job is a tall order and there is risk involved. So we must not only appreciate the linemen themselves but also their families for supporting them in their work to build and maintain power lines.

Storm Chasers

Linemen are never more appreciated than when they restore the normalcy of power following a major storm. When crews wrapped up work in Texas following Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma made landfall. Less than one month after Harvey, but after that same amount of time on the job restoring power, Irby crews packed their bags and headed for Florida rather than heading home. More than 300 of Irby Linemen performed storm work this past hurricane season. Many of which worked the two major storms, logging more than 114,000 hours collectively under their tool belts.


Lineman in the U.S.

Irby Linemen Currently in the Field

Miles of line in the history of our company

Safety is huge, especially in this line of work

“I went to school to do Distribution, but they told me that the money is in Transmission. I asked my teachers if they know any good companies and they told me Irby was the safest, best way to go.”

– Colt Lindsey, Irby Construction Apprentice

Here's to all that you do!

Thank a Lineman

Thank a lineman

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