Mead-Phoenix 500kV Transmission Line

Type: Transmission
Scope: 256 miles of 500kV
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Client: Salt River Project

Irby Construction was contracted by the Salt River Project to construction the Mead-Phoenix 500kV AC transmission line in Phoenix, AZ. Construction for this project began in January of 1994. This line was 256 miles long and ran parallel to the pre-existing Mead-Liberty 345kV line. It incorporated the first application of a 500kV phase shifting transformer that enabled 1300MW transmission capacity.

The Mead-Phoenix transmission system was initially designed to transfer 1600 megawatts between the Phoenix area and southern Nevada, with ultimate capacity of up to 2200 MW. Irby installed 956 towers for this project. This line’s purpose was to facilitate the area’s load growth, coupled with difficulties in building new generating resources and limitations on interregional transfers of surplus energy, reinforcing the need of utilities to secure firm transmission on a long-term basis.

This transmission line was pre-designed and environmental permitted to be converted to a DC transmission line in the future. It is utilized to deliver electrical energy between Central Arizona and Southern Nevada. This project was successfully completed in September of 1995.

Start Date: January 1994
Completion Date: September 1995


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