Lonestar Transmission Substation  

Type: Substation
Scope: 345kV Motor Operator Installation Project 
Location: Sweetwater, Albany, Hillsboro, & Corsicana, TX
Client: NextEra Lonestar Transmission

Irby Construction was awarded a series of upgrade projects from NextEra Lonestar Transmission to retrofit 120 MOABs on existing hand-operated 345kV switches. The project consisted of upgrading four major transmission stations with the maximum distance between them being 270 miles apart. The stations are: Novaro Switch Station, Sam Switch Station, West Shackelford Switch Station, and Claytonville Switch Station.

This project took daily, if not hourly, coordination/communication between Lonestar Transmission Construction Representatives and Irby’s onsite foreman to ensure outages were delivered to multiple stations in one day. Irby worked Monday through Saturday, eight hour days to accomplish the replacement and installation of motor operators per the stringent outage schedule. This project had Irby on its toes at all times due to all the transportation between the stations to perform the swap outs during the outages.  

Irby performed the construction to Lonestar’s strict standards of craftsmanship and safety without incident. 

Start Date: July 2018
Completion Date: January 2018


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