Lampasas to San Saba 138kV Transmission Line 

Type: Transmission
Scope: 33.4 miles of 138kV transmission line; steel and concrete poles
Location: Lometa, TX
Client: Lower Colorado River Authority

Irby Construction was awarded the LCRA Lampasas to San Saba 138kV transmission line project in December of 2016. This was a project located in Lometa, TX with a scope of 33.4 miles of 138kV transmission line including steel and concrete poles.

The project had some tight environmental constraints at the outset. Portions of the project were in a bird habitat and Irby had a limited time frame to complete this portion of the work before March 2017 when the bird habitat restrictions would go into place. Irby provided tools and equipment with almost 60 people and finished before the restrictions started. Subcontractor Asplundh Brush Control assisted with installation of environmental controls on the ROW.

Irby’s foundation group successfully self-performed the foundation scope, which included 22 drilled pier foundations. A major hurdle on the project was that our drilling operation encountered much more rock than anticipated. Careful planning and redeployment of resources, (including a drill rig from sister company Longfellow Drilling), allowed us to continue to make schedule. The project also included a railroad crossing and a major highway crossing which required significant planning and were accomplished successfully. With assistance from our affiliate operating unit North Houston Pole Line performing energized work in one section of the project, Irby successfully completed this project in January of 2018.

Start Date: December 2016
Completion Date: January 2018


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