Lookout Substation

Type: Substation
Scope: 138kV Switchyard
Location: Garland, TX

Client: Garland Power & Light

Irby Construction was awarded greenfield construction of Lookout Substation for Garland Power & Light (GP&L). Construction of the 138kV Switchyard began in May of 2016 and included all yard surfacing, flexible base restoration, structural concrete, foundations, grounding, structure erection, bus installation, equipment installation, and overhead lightning shielding installation. The contract also included cable trench installation, conduit system installation, emergency generator installation, fencing, backfilling, landscaping, irrigation, miscellaneous materials, incidentals, and labor.

Irby utilized American Site Builders for construction of the foundations and footings for this project. There were significant sub-surface issues in laying the cable trench system which were overcome by the use of skid-steer mounted rock saw and other innovative techniques deployed by Irby foremen on the job.

Irby captured images of the construction process via a live stream camera mounted on our construction trailer. Our cameras provided GP&L project management teams 24-hour access to the site and enabled them to monitor progress from remote locations. To view a time-lapse video, of click here.

Start Date: May 2016
Completion Date: November 2016


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