ATCO Eastern Alberta Transmission Line

Type: Transmission
Scope: 100 miles of 500kV DC line
Location: Alberta, Canada

Client: Alberta Transmission Company

Irby Construction was subcontracted to string 100 miles of conductor and OPGW on the Eastern Alberta Transmission Line (EATL) for Valard Construction, the project’s prime contractor and Irby sister operating unit of Quanta Services.

Irby crews endured two harsh Canada winters working in subzero conditions with ice and snow to complete our portion of the work. Irby successfully completed this project in February of 2015.

The EATL project is a 300-mile, 500kV, bipolar, high-voltage direct current, overhead transmission line interconnecting Newell HVDC static inverter plant near Brooks, Alberta with Heathfield static inverter plant near Gibbons, Alberta—northeast of Edmonton. The transmission line includes 1,387 transmission towers, and the construction of the 500kV DC transmission line was energized in December of 2015. The $1.8 billion project reinforced Alberta’s electrical grid to meet increased demand and ensure all Albertans have access to the most reliable and cost-effective electricity available. To learn more about this project, click here.

Start date: August 2013
Completion date: February 2015


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