Northeast 138kV Substation Rebuild

Type: Substation
Rebuild entire 22 breaker 138kV Substation Yard
Location: Oolagah, Oklahoma
Client: AEP Oklahoma

Irby Construction was awarded this project in October of 2017. The project consists of complete demolition of a 22-circuit breaker ring buss and construction of a new 22 breaker ring buss in sections. This project is unique in the way that it is being constructed. This project involved installing two new 138kV bays on the outside of the existing station and transferring lines to the new bays. Once the lines were transferred demolition on the existing substation work could commence. Irby is building and demoing one entire bay at a time due to extreme outage constraints. This project takes immense coordination with AEP and everyone onsite. Irby has been through 19 outage plans to accommodate the construction on this project. This station is key infrastructure for AEP. This project provides electricity to the entire Tulsa, Oklahoma area as well as sections of Kansas City.

Irby continues to make the outages as requested by AEP. Irby has also worked very hard to achieve AEP’s & Irby’s goal of Zero Harm on this project and will continue to do so.

Start Date: November 2017
Completion Date: November 2019


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